Opening Concert MUSICA KRONSTADT 2019
August 5th, 6 p.m. | REDUTA Cultural Center

August 6th, 6 p.m.  | Waver’s Bastion

Oboe & Cor Anglais Concert
August 7th, 7.30 p.m.| REDUTA Cultural Center

Musica Kronstadt in Concert
August 8th, 7.30 p.m. | Children’s Club

Final Concert MUSICA KRONSTADT 2019
August 9th, 6 p.m. | REDUTA Cultural Center

Dear friends,

Welcome to the fifth edition of  MUSICA KRONSTADT 2019, TOGETHER SOUNDS GREAT.
Commemorating 30 years since the Romanian revolution, during 2-9 August, the Academy | Competition | International Festival MUSICA KRONSTADT 2019, together with the world-renowned Gábor Horváth, the conductors Emil Vișenescu, Ionuț Podgoreanu, George Hariton and the acknowledged composer and jazz-man Nikolaj Benzton, come together to celebrate and to welcome young artists and the large audience, bringing to Brașov the elite of the world classical musicians from Berliner Philharmoniker, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Rotterdam Philharmonic, Grand Liceo Barcelona, Badisches Statskapelle Karlsruhe, Norrköping Symphony, the ”George Enescu” Philharmonic Orchestra, the Transilvanian Philharmonic Orchestra, the National Opera house Timișoara, the Opera house Brașov, the Symphonic Orchestra of the „Moldova” Philharmonic of Iași, the National University of Music Bucharest, the Musica Academy „Gheorghe Dima”, the ”Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatory in Milano and the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart.
Thanks to its perenity, the Academy | Competition | International Festival MUSICA KRONSTADT 2019, which is a project exclusively designed for wind instruments, offers a unique programme of free concerts to the whole community in representative venues, such as the Black Church, the Children’s Club Brașov, Patria Hall, the Weavers’ Bastion and the concert hall of the ”Tudor Ciortea” Music High School.
The guest artists come together to share the experience of their creativity and of the unique artistic act in various inspiring locations, ideal for composition and for musical performance, in a masterclass made available for approximately 70 Romanian and foreign students. The academy will also host an instrumental performance competition, as well as a trade fair in the field of wind instruments and their accessories.
The jazz concerts that will be performed by Nicolas Simion and Nikolaj Benzton, real musical gems in this festival, will add to the brightness and to the important role that Brașov city has always had as a cultural city at an international level, along with the chamber music and orchestra ensembles of MUSICA KRONSTADT.
We continue on this road together and we are looking forward to welcoming you to one of the most beautiful summer music events in Europe!

The motto of this academy, of this competition and of this festival is:
One for all, all for one, through music!
Ludovic Armin Cora, founder of MUSICA KRONSTADT

Musica Kronstadt

KSB Academie

Musica Kronstadt Academy is a new concept of Academy dedicated to wind instruments. We bring you in contact with the best professors so that you may master your field at levels of excellence. We wish to give you the awareness and the opportunity to quickly learn what others will need years to achieve.

You choose we support and welcome you!

Ludovic Armin Cora, Musica Kronstadt Academy Founder


Musica Kronstadt
International Festival

KSB Academie

Musica Kronstadt International Festival is a unique concept which you are invited to discover by participating in this project. Throughout the duration of the event you will have the chance to perform next to world class artists in concerts/recitals. We grant you top promotion in the Romanian and International media!

You choose we support and welcome you!

Ludovic Armin Cora, Musica Kronstadt Festival Founder



A wonderful project. Admirable idea to create a project dedicated to wind instruments. I am privileged to be part in this project from its very debut, to have the opportunity to meet all these fine young musicians. I wish it luck and to many, many editions. Thank You!

Gordon Hunt, Principal oboist with the London Philharmonia, Oboe professor at Guildhall Music and Drama London, UNMB

I wish the congratulate Mr. Ludovic Armin Cora for all that he achieved. He was the soul of the entire project. I want to thank all my colleagues who accepted to come and to extend my gratitude especially to Mrs. Cristina Popescu Stănesti for being there with us and deployed an extraordinary work with these wonderful children.

Florenel Ionoaia, University professor with the Oboe Chair of UNMB

A major international project which I was privileged to take part in and I am glad to be given the opportunity to work with oboe students from the entire world. It has been a real challenge to work with these children from dawn till dusk. Congratulations to the organizer

Cristina Popescu-Stanesti, University professor, Ph.D. holder, with the department of keyboard and chamber music department and Dean of the Musical Interpretation Faculty within UNMB

I am very happy to be allowed to contribute in my capacity of professor to the success of this project. I wish to nurture a long term dialogue with decision makers within the educational system in matters regarding the Romanian Blowers School. I shall try to fully contribute to sustain the Romanian educational process. I am genuinely very interested in the evolution of this project.

Michael Britton, Manager, Howarth of London

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